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Dangerously Irrelevant publishes final list for leadership day 2010.

***Update: ALR makes the highlight reel. Also, got the chance to check out this great post (courtesy of The Compass Point) about the constant need to think beyond the technology we use.***

This blog’s contributions are somewhere on this rather long list. I recommend just picking one link at random to check out. I picked this. The man makes some decent points.
Speaking of technology and education…

Teachers Unions vs. Online Education is a poorly constructed article/essay.

You should read it to see why. But if you don’t want to read it, you should read this critique of it.

Shit meet fan. LA Times publishes a series of articles on the effectiveness of 6,000 LAUSD elementary school teachers based on…you guessed it, test results.

Certain steps ensue:

1.) Many Elementary teachers, fulfilling the overly-sensitive stereotype, get upset at the Times instead of say, their own leaders within the Union who allow for such testing or the Board of Education/District that calls for it.

2.) Union head calls for boycott of Times.

3.) Nothing ever comes of an extensive report due bureaucratic and political crap.

This last one is just a reasonable guess. I would have more to say on this but it mainly deals with elementary education, which is an entirely different animal. It’s easy to understand why teachers don’t want to be judged by test scores, I agree with this sentiment, but most anger/disappointment/debate/whatever directed at the Times is misplaced.

Not education”ish” but worthwhile because it deals with the cover of Time Magazine.

Jonathan Franzen is on it. I enjoyed The Corrections and am looking forward to Freedom. But man, one time I want to see this guy not come off as pretentious.


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